Who am I ?

Rider since I was 10 years old and  mad about horses I could not imagine myself working without thoses companions.
meeting others  riders ,I discovered  others activities like driving .
Carriages should be strong enough to offer garanties of safety and I repaired myself ;then every things began ...
In 1983,  this hobby  became a full time job
I took my first licence in french driving association(AFA) in 1979 and became second in french  championship .in 1983 with a pair Since 1992 I have much interest for tradition concours and it is very plaisant for me to explain I made all the concours in CUTS (60)since
1996: first with a pair and with an unicorn ,a team,a tandem and single.
I really have fun to participate to thoses concours and also to judge them.

Dominique Posselle

25,rue de Champagne
F51330  Vroil

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